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Changing of seasons seems to happen overnight in Western New York. One minute it is 80 degrees and sunny skies, the next it’s a crisp 60 degrees and the sun sets after dinner. Nevertheless, Fall is always an exciting season here with plenty to look forward to – football is back, no more hot and sticky days, and the leaves start to change colors. However, Western New Yorkers also know that Fall weather feels nice for a few weeks and then all of the sudden…it’s snowing again.  

In order to prepare for this quick transition, it is critical you get your furnace tune-up done as soon as possible. Doing so will guarantee your home is ready for when the unexpected arrival of cold snowy days hits us. In addition to providing warmth and comfort to your home, there are several other benefits of routinely inspecting heating systems. Here are 5 reasons why you should get your Furnace Tune-Up done this Fall:

1. Helps conserve energy

Did you know that your HVAC system accounts for more than half of your home’s energy use? Air filter, duct work, and annual inspections can ensure it’s running efficiently. When the system runs smoothly, it minimizes waste and therefore conserves energy in the process.

2. Extends the systems useful service life

Furnaces typically have a life span around 15-20 years.  A regular maintenance and tune-up can help extend the useful life of your heating system. Neglecting to regularly inspect your heating system can cause minor problems to grow into bigger ones over time. This is why you need a skilled technician to inspect the system and fix problems before they worsen.

3. Keeps your home warm and comfortable

When the cold comes, you will want to make sure your heating system is working properly. Scheduling a tune-up can help prevent breakdowns from happening over the cold season. Other things you can do to ensure your home stays warm and comfortable include the following: identify and re-seal any duct leaks and use weather-stripping to make sure your home doesn’t have gaps allowing cold air to slip in.

4. Enhances safety

After you use your furnace for a year, it’s important to have a skilled professional check that everything is up to speed and operating safely. Our skilled technicians at John Lock Heating and Air Conditioning will ensure your system is running smoothly and ensure there are no potential hazards in the household. 

5. Improves efficiency

Regular maintenance of your furnace will improving the efficiency of your heating system. This is a highly worth it investment, as efficient systems will cut down costs on energy bills and save you money that would have been wasted. In addition, efficient heating systems will be much less likely to have any breakdowns throughout the winter season. 

Don’t wait until it’s too late – the cold season will be here before you know it. Schedule your Fall Furnace Tune-Up with John Lock Heating & Air Conditioning today. Our skilled and experienced technicians will provide you with the high quality service and care your home needs. To schedule your appointment, call us today at 716-894-6400.





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