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Feel The Love is Lennox’ corporate social responsibility program that provides deserving families or individuals with indoor heating and cooling equipment, as well as installation, at no cost. The program was launched in 2009 by Lennox dealer Dave Chatmon, who is still heavily involved in the program today. In 2023, Lennox is on track to complete more than 230 installations with the help of dealers across the nation.

This past week on Thursday, October 12th,  John Lock Air Conditioning & Heating participated in the Lennox Feel The Love program. This year, we were privileged to be chosen as one of the two national spotlight dealers. Thank you, Lennox for recognizing our team. We are always happy to contribute to this great cause!

Who Can Be Nominated?

Individuals facing hard times, financial challenges, job loss, mental physical or social disabilities, and community service members are all ideal candidates. Feel The Love was created to help alleviate stress and struggle by providing people in need with a new heating and cooling system free of charge. Although it won’t take away the challenges they face, it helps to know these families and individuals will get to enjoy a comfortable home.

Staffeldt Family Story

This year, John Lock had the honor of providing the Staffeldt family with new heating and cooling units. Craig and Danielle Staffeldt are selfless, unsung heroes who dedicate their lives to serving others, despite their own challenges. Craig is Captain of the Lakeshore Fire Department in Hamburg, NY and a licensed paramedic, aiding numerous individuals in the community. Craig’s willingness to rush into danger to save lives is a testament to his brave and selfless character. Nominated by for Feel The Love by his neighbor, Craig was described as, “an inspiration to all who know him.”

Danielle Staffeldt is actively involved in the community, and is constantly seeking to uplift those around her. She is also a class parent at Cloverbank Elementary School, fostering a nurturing educational environment for their children. In her free time, Danielle enjoys baking delicious gourmet cookies, and often brings her tasty treats to community events.

Danielle and Craig have six children – Alexis, Mason, Grace, Rowan, Lacey, and Harper. As parents, they work tirelessly to provide a loving and supporting home for their children, despite difficulties in their own personal struggles. Due to their resilience, courage, and commitment to serving others, the Staffeldt family was a well-deserving choice for the Feel The Love program.

John Lock Installs New heating / AC Unit for Staffeldt Family

John Lock spent the day at the Staffeldt family’s house installing a brand new heating system. Their old heating system was outdated, run-down, and not properly working for quite some time. The Staffeldt family was certainly in need of the upgrade. Considering the fact that we have seen snowfall in Buffalo, NY as early October, this was the perfect time for the installation of the new system. Our team ensured that the unit was running efficiently, allowing the Staffeldt family to stay warm and cozy this upcoming Holiday and long winter season.

In addition to the new heating unit, John Lock installed a brand new AC unit outside. The Staffeldt family has been living without AC for a long time, so it will be nice for them to be able to cool down inside when the hot summer weather makes it return again.

Importance dealers around the nation join in on Feel The Love

Feel The Love gives neighbors and participating Lennox dealers an opportunity to come together, give back, and improve lives of deserving community members. It is important to continue to join in on The Feel The Love movement each year. The more dealers involved, the more families we can help support who are in need of warmth and comfort. Are you ready to bring Feel The Love to your community? Lennox provides equipment and hands-on support throughout the program. Participating dealers show up at the selected recipients home, donating time and labor for one day to install the new heating / cooling system, among other tasks.

Here is how you can get involved:

  • Nominations: anyone across the country can nominate deserving individuals / families in their community for a new heating or cooling system. Nominations begin in May and end August 31st
  • As Lennox continues to expand the Feel The Love program, their focus is to bring hope to essential workers and workers on the frontlines
  • For more information on nomination guidelines, click here
  • After all nominations are submitted, Lennox will honor select recipients with new heating or cooling equipment. Recipients are finalized in September
  • Installation Week: Installation week is held the second week of October. Lennox works with partner dealers to give back to the selected families, gifting the, with a much-needed heating / cooling upgrade

John Lock Air Conditioning & Heating is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful program that gives back to families in need. For more information, visit feelthelove.com and stay updated on Lennox Feel The Love Facebook page.


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