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In Western New York, many homeowners choose to cover their Air Conditioning unit in order to protect it from being damaged from the harsh winter conditions, Be sure to remove theses covers or lids before you think of turning on the AC. Turning on air conditioning with a cover in place can be severely damaging to the system. 

1. Clean / Uncover your A/C Unit 

After the long winter, dirt and debris often piles up on your home’s AC unit. To prepare your system for Spring, you should clear any dirt, debris, or leaves from your unit and the nearby surrounding area. 

2. Schedule HVAC Maintenance

 Spring is an ideal time to schedule an annual system tune-up for your cooling system. If you wait too long, you’re taking a risk of your system not working properly on the first hot day of the season. Getting ahead of the game and scheduling maintenance in early Spring will allow you enough time to fix any problems before summer arrives. 

“You wouldn’t buy a brand-new car and expect to never have to put air in the tires, change the oil and check out any unusual noises, would you? In the same way that an automobile requires periodic maintenance for optimal performance, a home comfort system should be regularly inspected by a qualified technician.“ – Lennox 

5 reasons why you should schedule maintenance for your cooling system in Spring:

  1. Ensures your cooling equipment is ready BEFORE you need it
  2. Ensures your cooling equipment is operating safely
  3. Keeps your equipment at peak efficiency (saving on energy cost)
  4. Meets manufacturer requirements for warranty claims
  5. Helps prevent future breakdowns and repair costs  

3. Change your Air Filters 

Spring Season also means allergy season. With the pollen swirling around in the air outside, many people experience symptoms like sneezing, watery eyes, scratchy throat, etc. Although you can’t control the outside air, you can control your home’s indoor air. This Spring Season, be sure to check, clean, or replace your air filters. This task should be done at least once a month, or at the very least, at the start of a new season. 

A dirty filter can restrict airflow, waste energy, damage your system, and pollute the air inside your home. A clean air filter ensures that the individuals in the household are breathing in fresh air. Doing so will help everyone feel better, and avoid sickness from spreading. 

4. Check / Test Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Devices 

At the start of a new season, it is a good idea to check and test smoke detector and carbon monoxide devices. If left unattended for too long, and you forget to check on your home’s devices, you are putting the lives of  individuals in your home at risk. For more information on what you need to know about carbon monoxide and smoke detector devices, please click here.

5. Monitor Thermostat 

Be sure to monitor and check your thermostat. If you notice your energy bill going up without a change in temperature, or if you are adjusting the thermostat more often than normal, these are indications that there may be an issue with your system. 

Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to schedule a tune-up and maintenance for your homes HVAC system. Spring is the ideal time to take make sure your cooling system is up to speed, and prepared for when the first hot day hits Western New York. Our skilled and experienced technicians will provide you with the high quality service your home needs. To schedule your appointment, call us today at 716-894-6400.


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