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Although you might not realize it, there are various actions you’re presently taking that are causing your home’s energy bill to be higher than it needs to be. By making minor adjustments, you can reduce your expensive energy bill and enhance your home’s heating and cooling efficiency. Keep reading to learn what steps you should take.

Upgrade to a high-efficiency HVAC system:

Investing in a high-efficiency HVAC system can significantly reduce energy consumption. When your system is not working properly, it has to work much harder to satisfy demand. This results in energy being wasted, and an increase in energy bills.

How do you know its time to replace your system?

ENERGY STAR recommends replacing AC units older than 10 years and furnaces older than 15 years. You will also notice when your system is struggling to properly heat / cool your home. It may also make strange noises and produce strange odors. Not to mention, your energy bill will skyrocket if your system is outdated and running inefficiently.

Schedule regular maintenance: Regular maintenance of your HVAC system can help it run more efficiently, preventing breakdowns and prolonging the lifespan of your equipment. A well-maintained system uses less energy.

Utilize smart thermostats

John Lock can help you cut back on your energy bill with the installation of a smart thermostat in your home. We offer our customers the Lennox I-Comfort Wifi Thermostat, which has various advantages,  including the following:

  • Help save on your homes energy bills
  • When the thermostat detects the house is empty, it will switch to an energy saving-mode
  • Wifi enabled thermostats can be controlled via an app on your smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.
  • Send email alerts and reminders to you
  • Allows you to check local weather forecasts
  • Control your homes temperature from anywhere
  • Nearing the end of your workday, you can turn up your homes heat so that it is warm when you get home

To learn more about the Lennox I-Comfort Wifi Thermostat, please visit our website here.

You can also visit the Lennox Website to learn more here.

Change air filters regularly: A dirty air filter can cause your HVAC system to work harder than necessary. Check your filter monthly and change it at least every 30-90 day. 15% of energy waste is caused by dusty air filters.

Seal air leaks / check for blocked vents: Leaks in your home’s windows, doors, and walls can let in outside air and cause your HVAC system to work harder. Seal air leaks with caulk, weatherstripping, or foam sealant to save energy. Blocked vents require up to 25% more energy to distribute air. Walk through and check that no furniture is covering any vents in your home, preventing vital airflow.

By adhering to these straightforward yet impactful methods, you can decrease your excessive spending on your home’s energy bills. John Lock Air Conditioning & Heating is available to help you optimize your home’s HVAC system, ensuring it operates at peak efficiency. Get in touch with us today at 716-894-6400.


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